Sceners for Ukraine

We need your help. Please, share!

We would like to ask you, as a scene event organizer or anybody who would love to support sharing these graphics and text to all possible places you can.

If you want to, Laila is ready to make your own unique version of the graphics containing your logo in it too. So in the end, we can make a nice Thank you Gallery with all flags. Please, ping her with your logo in vector to

*We thought also about getting a domain and making a special web for this. But that money can be used for Ukraine too. All small part counts. And we have Pouet for this! : )

Also, you can find a web of the NGO which is helping to collect the money at

We are sceners, we know that if we go together we can do THINGS!

Any donation counts, even the small ones!


Sceners for Ukraine


Text to share:


We are sceners, we know that if we go together we can do THINGS!

➡️ We all might have some friends, sceners or not, who are living in the everyday danger of the war, that is taking place in Ukraine at the moment. Right now our scener friend is with 100 other refugees and they need our help. They have simple needs. Sleeping bags and pads, power banks, and other basic amenities that a decent human being needs in these uneasy times. Also, they need other needs, all are updated here:

💛 Donation info:

➡️ Any donation counts, even the small ones!

➡️ We are already strong alone, but stronger together! Please, if you can, send any amount of money to the Volunteer Alliance of Ukraine. They are at this movement a collector of finance and will buy all asked for and care for transporting it to the border, where it’s possible to ship things with helpers from the other side, which we are in contact with.

➡️ The graphic by Laila symbolizes many people thinking about the same – peace. Peace for Ukraine. A flag made from prayers.

Thank you very much!

With love:

Thank you very many

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