We are collecting funds for the delivery of humanitarian aid from the NGO Boxes of Hope (Great Britain) to Ukraine. Each delivery cost $5,300. We have already done one. The next truck – 18 tonns will leave Great Britain on August 06, 2022. In the future, we plan to send a truck every 2-3 weeks.
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Humanitarian Aid from Northern Ireland

Written by
by Yuriy Bishko
Content Manager
Published on
Aug, 03, 2022

Boxes of Hope NI have recently set up a new storage facility on East Bridge Street in Belfast where they are gathering much needed supplies to help those during the conflict with Russia.

On Saturday, August 6, the first 18-ton truck with humanitarian aid will be sent to Ukraine. Collection and sorting of things into boxes are currently underway.

Boxes of Hope was originally launched in Lincolnshire, England, by a woman called Mandy Baxter and it has since gone on to open branches across the UK.

The new Belfast branch of the charity will now be the dedicated hub for donations for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as it seeks to support those who have been affected by the Russian invasion.

Boxes of Hope NI plans to regularly send truckloads of supplies to Ukraine to help its people during the war with Russia

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